Gerrie Van Vuuren, Milanie Roos and Anton Roos are keen wildlife photographers. Bird photography is our passion and we spend 90% of our free time photographing birds.

To photograph birds in flight is a challenge, and needs a lot of practice to get that special shot (not to mention getting up at ridiculous hours in the mornings to get to the venue!). We believe that birds in flight is the ultimate photography experience.

Macro photography is just as rewarding but quite a different experience. We have some of the best equipment to get that special shot, not always an easy discipline but very rewarding and interesting.

Milanie does a lot of studio work as well. In a controlled environment the setup as well as the equipment is very different to that of nature photography.

Photographic equipment, cameras and lenses are important in obtaining that special shot, we realized that there will always be photographers that have a passion and drive to do just that. The problem is that it can become a very expensive hobby. We feel that by providing a camera and lens rental service at reasonable prices, we can help a lot of photographers achieve that goal.

We are willing to give advice to any of our customers regarding what camera’s and lenses they should rent and use for a specific project they might want to undertake, as well as some of the best venues available.

Gerrie is available for Camera and Lens Rental near the Pilansburg area.
082 823 9461

Anton and Milanie are available for Camera and Lens Rental in Pretoria area.
Anton: 082 757 7382
Milanie: 082 350 5677