Canon 1D Mk4

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Canon 1D Mk4

The Canon EOS 1D Mark IV series cameras are optimized for fast operation and have traditionally been the camera of choice for sports and action professionals who shoot with Canon. 1D series use an APS-H format sensor (28.1×18.7mm), which is larger than APS-C and so can yield higher image quality, but is smaller than full frame, which means that the file size is smaller and the reflex mirror can be smaller and lighter. This enables the camera can operate at higher speeds (10 frames per sec).

Like other professional 1D and 1Ds series cameras, the EOS 1D MkIV has an integrated grip with a second set of controls for vertical shooting and is weather-sealed for operation outdoors in the rain. It also utilizes a high capacity battery pack and has high strength construction to make it rugged enough to stand up to hard professional use.